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Updated: Aug 3, 2020

"I am a consultant, digital strategist, playlist curator and a collector of green writing utensils..."

It’s said the best careers are made up of whatever it was you loved as a child.

My first memory is being in my dad's 1993 burgundy, Honda Civic cruising through the west side of Charleston, SC. I vividly remember rapping along to Shorty Swing My Way by Ghost City DJs. Simultaneously astounding my father that his 3 year-old daughter not only knew all the words but was also asking him to turn up the already bass heavy jam.

Music. Was always something I’ve been feverishly obsessed with. Whether it was shuffling through my grandfather’s vinyl records on James Island, SC out of curiosity or organizing my parents’ CD collection by (what I deemed to be) the best album sequences, oh, and cover art, in the early 2000s. To crashing endless computers in the 2010s just to get the newest album or mixtape. To graduating to the queen of the almighty aux cord on our way to or at any function. I was crowned the connoisseur amongst of what was new, hot and also what was not as an adolescent.

My second fondest memory was the day my family got its first household computer. Yup. You know the one with the big butt in the back? Mmhm, that one. It was white, loud, bulky and perfect to me. I would spend countless hours on whichever complimentary, pre-programmed outdated word processor crafting short stories -- about virtually anything. I loved to read as a child -- probably because it was the only way my big sister would allow me to be around without "annoying" her, ha! Nevertheless, I quickly grew tired of reading the words and stories of other authors. This was when a love for narratives and storytelling unconsciously set a foundation for my future.

​It was the mid 2010’s and as I matured my love for listening to music transitioned into intrigue. Imagining the intricacies put into the production of the mixtapes and albums I knew I wanted to be a part of the progression of artists and their projects. My lust for the underground sound was being satiated by my the mixtape greats whom I adored so much. I wanted to know how these rappers were trailblazing the rap game without major contracts, sponsors and still receiving substantial followings. I dedicated time to understanding the underground music scene, falling deeper in love with the values of authenticity and truth. It embodied the hunger in the hustle snd grind which would lead to solid success - on your own terms, of course.

I was 16 and had, unknowingly, found the blueprint to the next ten years of my life.


I currently stand five feet two and a half inches tall at the four-way intersection of music, journalism, strategy and marketing. Today, as a digital curator I am utilizing my undying love for music and writing through music journalism. I study the underground scene to produce the true stories of the grind and courage of up and coming artists and producers in Charlotte, NC. I have expanded my knowledge of marketing and strategy for musicians and their brands through traditional education, certification and a solid life. I have managed local artists, hosted online radio and had my words published by various online platforms.

I am a consultant, digital strategist, playlist curator and a collector of green writing utensils.

Above all I am ANTSOSOLID.

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